Blockchain “the second generation of the internet”

During a Lendit USA event, Northwest Passage Ventures CEO Alex Tapscott said he was impressed that “the second generation of the internet,” adding that consumers would recreate the banking industry if they could. “The Internet of Things will be a key enabler for the proliferation of blockchain and perhaps could be a keystone for a “ledger of things” to go along with it,” writes Alex Hamilton for IBS Intelligence.

How safe are blockchains? It depends

Blockchain could revolutionize transparency in the financial services sector, but is the distributed ledger technology safe? Sort of. Creating a private blockchain system allows for privacyto be built within the structure of the system, writes Allison Berke for Harvard Business Review.

The blockchain will do to banks and law firms what the internet did to media

In the early days of the internet, it was largely believed to be a fad that was not going to largely change how we bought goods, socialized or conducted business. In Harvard Business Review, Joichi Ito, Neha Narula and Robleh Ali make the case for why blockchain could upend the law and finance. But lawyers aren’t sure if code is inflexible and doesn’t allow for “useful discretion.”