Sweden’s blockchain-powered land registry is inching towards reality

The World Bank estimates that about 70 percent of the world’s population lacks access to land titling, which makes sense because of the low-tech handling of land ownership tracking. Now, in addition to building digital currency, countries like Sweden are experimenting with blockchain as a tool for managing another key, physical asset—land.

Why digital advertising is experimenting with blockchain

The advertising industry is turning to blockchain ledgers to keep track of how creative content moves across the web, Digiday reports. Aside from keeping track of cryptocurrency, the technology is now being used to keep an eye on its creative content progress as well as reduce the industry’s reliance on different companies to host and conduct data analytics.

Bitcoin blockchain to help collect and activate consumption in Japan

Yes, loyalty programs offer a way for companies to tease perks for their long-term customers, but redeeming rewards can be frustrating and complicated. Some Japanese firms are turning to blockchain as way to simplify the incentive redemption process, according to Cointelegraph. The shift towards using blockchain for such incentives could catalyze the use of other cryptocurrencies in Japan.