Chicago FinTech and the Future of Money

Chicago FinTech executives and developers celebrate, examine, and help create the future of money and finance through a series of events April 24 – 30. As the week approaches, Chicago takes the fifth spot in a new list of global financial technology hubs, based on FinTech innovation research by Deloitte.

The FinTech Week organization kicks it off with its blockchain and FinTech disruptors conferences at Chicago’s 1871 technology space. Next, Barchart hosts its third annual installment of FinTech exchange, with a focus on capital markets and securities sectors of the FinTech Market.

Policy and regulatory discussions in banking and consumer finance take place at the Kellogg school in Evanston. Featured speakers include the head of the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the FinTech point person for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

FinTexChicago wraps it up with a FinTech startup weekend at TechNexus.

Check out the links below for all the FinTech info you’d even want in a single week. A complete calendar to the week’s events is available on the FinTech Week Chicago 2017 page.

Be sure to check out the FinTech Rising Calendar for additional FinTech events throughout the year.

April 25
Blockchain Conference Chicago

Presentations focus on blockchain initiatives in Chicago and the State of Illinois, including speakers from government, startups, and professional services firms. Other topics include nonfinancial uses of blockchain, plus AI and machine learning.

April 26
FinTech Disruptors

Get an overview of the state of FinTech in Chicago, including the state of the ecosystem, innovation, and investment. A series of fast-paced startup introductions is also included, as well as predictions for the future.
Register for the April 26 and 26 events here.

April 27
FinTech Exchange 2017

FinTech Exchange brings together industry influencers and professionals across the financial technology sector to discuss the newest trends in financial markets and trading firms. The half-day event centers on technologies for firms in data distribution, trading software, analytics and cloud computing.

The third annual installment of this event will feature 10 lightning round presentations, a keynote address, a catered attendee lunch, round table discussions and a networking reception. Companies participating include Google, Amazon, CME Group, Alpaca AI, Trading Technologies, Nadex, Quandl, Rival Systems, Cantor Exchange, CBOE and others.
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April 27-28
Kellogg Consumer Finance and FinTech Conference

Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management is hosting a two-day conference focusing on consumer finance and FinTech in the college’s new Global Hub in Evanston, IL. Come meet academics, practitioners, and regulators to discuss the future of financial services. Here’s
the full agenda.

Day One: New Developments in Consumer Finance: Research and Practice
The first day will have a workshop for researchers in consumer finance to share findings, insights, and ideas from their work and think collectively about the current—and future—state of the field.

Day Two: FinTech and the Future of Finance
Thomas J. Curry, Comptroller of the Currency of the United States opens this portion of the conference, which also features a panel on blockchain. The afternoon is opened by Lael Brainard, Governor Federal Reserve Board, the board’s point person on payments and new technologies.
Tickets are available here.

April 28-30
FinTech Startup Weekend

Within 54 hours, Startup Weekend, held this year at TechNexus, connects entrepreneurs seeking to create disruptive FinTech technologies with influencers who can kickstart those products and help scale them around the world.

The event is open to technical and non-technical entrepreneurs who want to catalyze their journey from a business idea to a tangible product. Influencers in attendance will span across compliance, banking, payments and trading sectors.

Tickets range between $20 and $30. Buy yours here.