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FinTech Articles Week of 9/25/15
I’m attending the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s annual Payments Symposium, focused this year on innovation resulting in payments systems that work instantly (or nearly so) for all parties while meeting requirements for safety and security. The day’s sessions showed the interplay of mobile expectations, legacy technology, constant fraud, vested interests, and standardized systems.

Underlying all of the technologies, regulations, and standards discussed is the economic need of consumers and businesses exchange one form of value for another, quickly, reliably, and safely. Innovation at this scale must change behavior, at the massive scale where network effects govern consumer experience. The discussions in this week’s FinTech articles follow much the same narrative.

The 11 biggest FinTech investments in London so far this year

The U.K. has become the European hotspot for FinTech development with investments in London already at about $554 million, up from $487 million in 2014. From international money transfer companies to peer-to-peer loan platforms, read this Business Insider round-up to see which companies are raking in the most capital.

Why we need a common standard for moving e-money

We’ve changed the way we ship parcels, send emails and share information via the internet, but banking hasn’t changed much since the 1970s—until now. Read Chris Larsen’s plea for a more uniform, internet-based way to move our money.

Both Banks and Mobile Telcos were dared by tech giants, with very different outcomes?

Though mobile telcos and banks have been confronted with emerging FinTech, payment networks and banks are quickly embracing new mobile payment methods and financial services in general. The mobile telcos, not so much. LetsTalkPayments.com CEO & co-founder Aditya Khurjekar breaks down how banks, MNOs and tech companies have pivotedwith the wave of mobile commerce innovation.

Should FinTech companies be regulated like banks?

That’s a question that’s being asked internationally, most recently by regulators in China and elsewhere, according to the Financial Times, but it’s unclear whether companies will partner with banks to avoid regulatory headaches. “The tech industry has an enormous contribution to make to the modernization and efficiency of the banking industry and give customers the service proposition they want, but there are issues on the way,” said HSBC chairman Douglas Flint.

Fiserve Consumer Trends Survey results are in

As more tech companies simplify digital money management, consumers increasingly expect faster, more convenient, and tech-based service. Take a look at the Fiserve’s surveyfor a thorough dissection of consumer FinTech trends and what those patterns mean for financial institutions in the future.

Elon Musk will get us to Mars before he’ll revolutionize payments

Ashley Vance picks the brain of PayPal founder and former executive Elon Musk in a new book titled “Elon Musk.” In the book, Musk talks about the need to think big while understanding the purpose of a payments company. Evan Schuman of PaymentsSource explains why thinking big is good but comes with many hurdles.