FinTech Rising!


Each week, we will be sharing fintech-related articles that we find interesting. Take a look at the following picks that explore the digital revolution, how to attain the customer interface, Big Data and more. Dig in!

British Banking Association: Bitcoin is a Real Threat to Banks

According to a new report from the British Banking Association, cryptocurrencies continue to threaten revenue streams of the traditional banking system.

Growth in Fintech Investment Fastest in European Market, according to Accenture Study

Fintech investments are quickly rising, with Europe as the fastest growing region in the world. Although the digital revolution can pose a threat to banks, it can also create opportunities by driving them to create more convenient services for their clients.

Big Data and Financial Services- Security Threat or Massive Opportunity?

Is Big Data a security threat or actually a massive opportunity? This article touches on this question and explores the role of Big Data in financial services.

The Battle Is For The Customer Interface

Although Uber is the largest taxi company in the world, the company owns no vehicles. Facebook creates no content. This article illustrates the battle for the customer interface and outlines the two approaches to attain it.

How Apple and Alibaba Could Destroy the Banks

Banks are facing challenges in the age of Apple Pay, but they still maintain privilege in one area—money issuance. Read more in this article.