Profit in the Digital Age

FinTech Articles of the Week 5/22/15

The FinTech picks this week cover bionic banks, what distinguishes a sharing economy from an access economy, the elusive creator of Bitcoin and more!

Six Ways Banks Can Profit from the Digital Age

Read the six key elements to building a bionic bank: “Digital agility allows a bank to respond to technological progress in a more practical manner, and to focus on the bigger, bolder task of building a disruptive digital venture.”

9 Mobile Wallets Going Global

Discover how ad giants are considering introducing payments into the stream of a consumer’s path to products.

The Sharing Economy Isn’t About Sharing at All

“When “sharing” is market-mediated—when a company is an intermediary between consumers who don’t know each other—it is no longer sharing at all. Rather, consumers are paying to access someone else’s goods or services for a particular period of time.”

How to Join the 1%

What makes it possible to be recruited by management consultants, investment banks and big law firms? Find out in this article.

Decoding the Enigma of Satoshi Nakamoto and the Birth of Bitcoin

 Read about the fascinating road to discovering more of the elusive creator of Bitcoin. Nathaniel Popper shares a detailed insight into Nick Szabo, a reclusive American man of Hungarian descent.