Role of Regulation

FinTech Articles of the Week 5/29/15

Fintech picks this week cover mobile payments, the guide to cryptocurrencies, the fintech revolution and more!

Why Banks Move Slow on Mobile Payments—And Why They Shouldn’t

Take a look at why banks are lagging on the mobile payments trend: “Customer demand for mobile payments is a lot stronger than the old players realize.”

Deciphering Cryptocurrencies

Download the first chapter of a global legal and regulatory guide to cryptocurrencies. New chapters will be published monthly. The guide features the introduction to cryptocurrencies, the legal nature of cryptocurrency, insuring cryptocurrency risks, taxation of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency litigation risks, cryptocurrencies crime and compliance and regulation of cryptocurrencies.

How to Build a Fintech Bank

This article describes the necessary steps needed to successfully build a fintech bank, including issues such as the partners and the products and participants.

The Fintech Revolution: Role of Regulation

Technology continues to maintain a significant role in finance: “After the financial crisis, large financial institutions are operating skeptically in the face of regulatory pressures and economic uncertainty. In such a situation, there is a trend of growing alternative financial sector supported by technology, innovation and start-up ecosystem.”

ATM Use Shows Clear Decline

The number of average daily transactions on ATMs has consistently declined. Read why here.