MOBILE PAYMENTS: Google-Moto Implications for EPayments

When a deal as large and as high profile as Google buying Motorola comes along, especially on a Monday morning, the words and analysis pour forth. Here’s a collection of links to articles on the deal, with an emphasis on epayments.

The American Banker’s payments website PaymentsSource writes on the merger’s implications for Isis, a mobile payment consortium consisting of the major mobile carriers and credit-card providers, in Motorola Unit Buy Could Give Google An Upper Hand Versus Isis.

Karen Webster, who leads the payments experts at Market Platform Dynamics, suggests that the merger could give Google an upper hand when it comes to mobile wallet technology. A direct influence on phone hardware may make a difference, she writes in Analysis: After Google Buys Motorola, What’s Next for the Payments Ecosystem?

One of the main things commentators are writing about, on this site and elsewhere, is Google’s ownership of Motorola’s patent portfolio. Here’s a list of the Motorola payment patents Google is acquiring.

Mobile payments have been in the making at Motorola, as well as the rest of the industry, for quite awhile. Check out this 2006 brochure for Motorola’s M-Wallet.