FinTech Rising helps financial executives understand the FinTech landscape. Incumbent financial institutions are starting to collaborate with financial technology firms, as digital currencies and high-powered analytics change the way business and consumers pay, borrow, and invest.

The FinTech Rising newsletter and blog provide business context to media coverage of FinTech and the future of money. Written from a pragmatic perspective for financial executives, FinTech Rising includes interesting, informative, inspiring, and (sometimes) entertaining articles.

We seek to help financial executives understand the range of technologies changing all sectors of the financial services marketplace.

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FinTech Rising has a diverse readership of financial executives and professionals. Most of our readers are in the United States, but the future of finance is international, so we maintain an international perspective.

Our articles and reports are written in language that a smart financial professional who does not know the FinTech lexicon can understand and relate to. We don’t assume our readers understand all facets of the FinTech landscape and its often technical language, but we don’t talk down to them either. We’re an intelligent guide for sophisticated financial professionals to the way complex technologies are changing the financial services business.