Crypto Currents 07-30-2018

Blockchain Reports

You know you love them. Here are three recent ones you can mine over the month of August for that salient blockchain and cryptofinance insight.

Coin Desk released its Q2 blockchain report, which notes that “while bitcoin’s bear market continued, development activity carried on without distractions.” Increased use of payment channels “in which small, frequent transactions between two parties are conducted off-chain and the blockchain is reserved for final settlement” boomed in Q2. As for ethereum, it gained some regulatory clarity as “an official of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission declared that ETH, in its present form, was a not a security after all.”

Pitchbook published its Q3 Blockchain Market Map. “We’ve seen a flush of investment go toward startups focusing on crypto-investment, compliance and enterprise solutions, among the multiple segments demarcated within the market map,” the private equity and investment research group wrote.

Ocean Tomo, an intellectual property research and valuation firm, published its first Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry report. The major difference with this report is its survey of the blockchain patent landscape. Applications surged over the last two years, to more than 1,600 in 2017 from less than 400 in 2015.