Digital Banking

FinTech Articles of the Week 04-17-2015

FinTech choices this week touch on the Apple Watch, a bank vs. digital bank Twitter debate and more on the user interface layer.

The Great Digital Banking Debate

“What makes a bank a digital bank?” asked Nicole Sturgill on Twitter, research director at CEB TowerGroup. This question prompted a debate between Michael Panowicz and Brett King that lasted two days and seven time zones apart.

“Embrace Technology or Become a Dinosaur”: Interview with Kevin Mullins, Community Banker

Kevin Mullins discusses his belief that community banks must embrace technology, focus on being personal, and improve financial literacy of account holders.

John Gruber: The Apple Watch

Read about why watch-wearers may have a difficult time adjusting to the Apple Watch.
“There’s an inherent tiny amount of lag that isn’t there with a regular watch. It’s a fundamental conflict: a regular watch never turns off, but a display like Apple Watch’s cannot always stay on.”

The Interface Layer: Where Design Commoditizes Tech

Learn about what the user interface layer teaches us. For example, the success of a product is more dependent on the user’s experience of the technology rather than the technology itself.

Banks Can Cherry-Pick the Best Bits from Bitcoin: Report

Although Bitcoin wasn’t built for banks, bankers and fintech startups are considering ways that it could prove useful. According to cryptocurrency researcher Tim Swanson, “Bitcoin was designed to facilitate online transactions rather than those involving real-world assets like homes and cars.”