FinTech Articles of the Week 10/16/16


Future of FinTech report

This week, the Financial Times announced its creation of the Future of FinTech awards, which will highlight the companies and projects aiming to bring long-lasting change to the financial services industry and has also dedicated a section of coverage to the emerging sector.

FinTech is not a niche anymore, it’s a powerful and highly disruptive industry

International investments in FinTech firms grew from $9.6 billion in 2014 to $22.3 billion in 2015. JPMorgan, Capital One, the Bank of England and other mainstream banks have turned their attention to FinTech. It’s time to recognize the scale of FinTech as not just subsect of the financial services industry, writes Elena Mesropyan for Let’s Talk Payments.

World Payments Report 2016

Among the report’s key findings are the 8.9 percent jump in non-cash payments, the increased use of debit cards and consumers’ changing expectations of banks. Download the full report here.

Why the Facebook of Banking won’t have a charter

Banking is ripe for technological change, but jumping into FinTech is not the same as running a typical tech startup. Firms will need to get the required FDIC capital assets. The FinTech startup landscape is dominated by non-banks, and the likelihood of them scaling is very low, argues author and radio host Brett King in a post for Linkedin Pulse.

Will today’s FinTech alliances become tomorrow’s acquisitions?

FinTech and mainstream banks started as “polar opposites,” but whether they will “live happily ever after” remains to be seen, writes Bryan Yurcan in American Banker. “Banks usually prefer to do everything on their own. Partnering is not natural for them; it is not a muscle they’ve exercised much,” said Dan Latimore, senior vice president of the banking practice for Celent, told American Banker. “And when it comes to acquisitions, acquiring a company is a skill unto itself.”