March 2021: The Month in FinTech

The month of March started with an international focus that included our most popular article of the month, as measured by page views. As a whole, however, bitcoin and digital assets dominated the news and our themes of the week. Here’s a review.

Innovation and Regulation: Building Better International Payments

International trade and commerce are a major piece of the payments industry, with volume only increasing year over year as digital options further connect the globe – and yet, many of the systems that businesses and retail consumers alike rely on to make these payments remain too slow, too complex, and expensive. (03/06/2021)

National Currencies Go Digital

You may be forgiven if you think that Central Bank Digital Currencies are the boring cousin of bitcoin. Yet CBDCs made more news this week than the ups and downs of king of crypto—and perhaps because of them. (03/27/2021)

Digital Asset Legitimation Announcements Continue

As bitcoin prices hovered near $60,000, Hester Peirce (“crypto mom”) was confirmed for another term as a Securities and Exchange Commissioner, and several of the largest banks in the United States made announcements in support of digital-asset offerings. (03/20/2021)

NFTs: Ugly Term for Beautiful Returns?

If the technical term “nonfungible token” was selected to describe how the art market meets FinTech as a way of catching attention, then it has succeeded mightily. It begs the inevitable questions: What the heck is that? Why would anyone buy that? (03/13/2021)

London Looks to FinTech Savior

“Where will you find the leading lights in financial technology?” It’s London, according to a full-page ad placed by UK’s investment office in this week’s edition of The Economist. (03/06/2021)