Technology Trials


Institutional Investor gives FinTech Financers a “Top-X” list while the Financial Times and American Banker look hard at the threats banks face, and they are not all a result of “disrupters.” Newer technologies get a look, along with more fall conference recaps.

The 2015 Fintech Finance 35: the financiers who place the bets

Institutional Investor lists the top FinTech investors with its first annual Fintech Finance 35.

Beyond banking: under attack on all sides

Are banks having a slow recovery following the financial crash? Is banking growth slow due to increased regulation? Or are we witnessing the downfall of the banking industry? The Financial Times examines these possibilities in the first installment of a series looking at the turmoil and decline of the banking industry.

Legacy systems threaten banks more than startups

Dave McKay, head of Royal Bank of Canada, calls for legacy banks to clean up their systems rather than luring FinTech startups into regulatory scrutiny. Read more at American Banker to hear what McKay had to say about blockchain technology and how to shift customer interaction from in-person to mobile technology.

Tokenization could be the Trojan Horse that will break the credit card rails

Look out: ‘tokenization’ became a buzzword at Money20/20. The security method used by Apple Pay and some highly secure trading platforms could potentially cut costs and fraud for transactions. Daily FinTech has the details here.

I invested with 3 online marketplace lenders: here’s what I found

Ryan Ortega, head of research at California Fintech Network, invested in Lending Club, Prosper, and Upstart. He documented his relatively positive experience on LinkedIn and outlines the ups and downs of each emerging investment platform.

More fall 2015 conference highights

Gonzo Banker gives its take on Money20/20 announcements, while Finextra reports its five takeaways fro Sibos 2015. And corporate treasurers learn what same-day ACH means to them at the 2015 AFP annual conference.