Digital banking expert and entrepreneur Brett King’s “Breaking Banks” radio show continued its series on blockchain. “We don’t focus enough on building systems that don’t have the inherent flaws of our current system, so there is the same inequality,” remarked FinTech reporter and writer Bailey Ruetzel, during a conversation on the technology’s democratizing effects.

The World Bank joins the list of international financial agencies and organizations to release a significant report on blockchain and its benefits, as reported by the New York Times. Derin Cag, Founder and CEO of UK content site Richtopia published a list of “Top 20 Blockchain Books and Witepapers.”

As reports continue to accelerate on how transformative technology will be, best to keep investor and blockchain author William Mougayar’s recent tweet in mind: “Blockchain & Crypto Tech: let’s not confuse research, experiments, science fiction, speculation, and working real products.”