Payments and Treasury Trends: Canright Clients Connect

Canright’s clients have been busy presenting the technology trends that are determining the future of payments and banking technology for bankers, corporate treasury managers, the software developers that support them, and the consumers they serve. Here are some recent examples:

Al Pascual: Getting Ahead of Financial Crime Through Proactive Engagement
A leadership profile of a payments executive working to solve one of the toughest trends in treasury today.

Three Technologies Increasing the Speed of Treasury
Treasury managers seeking ways to optimize their existing technology stack to manage data, automate tasks, and fortify security. In this white paper, Bellin Technology discusses three technologies:
1. APIs
2. Real-Time Payments
3. Data Analytics Management

Getting Started with APIs
For an introduction to APIs and how they work, see this ebook on the Envestnet-Yodlee API. Although the focus is on the Yodlee API, it gives a good technical overview for nontechnical managers.

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